Polly Little


As an artist I am fascinated by the intelligence, natural beauty and adaptability of animals; as the world around them changes, their habitat and physical traits evolve. I have lived and interacted with animals for my entire life. I got my first pup when I was seven years old, raised an orphaned raccoon kit when I was a teenager; animals continue to be integral to my life and art making.

The purity of their actions and reactions led me to use animals as subject matter. My oil paintings are portraits of domesticated animals and wild animals; they sometimes refer to the predator-prey relationship, survival instinct, or extinction. Wild animals learn to fear humans while domesticated animals learn trust and dependency, and my paintings investigate that distinction.

My works are based in an expressionist style. I contrast static compositions and energetic brush strokes suggesting changes throughout life. Animals’ peering out from the artwork at the viewer is integral to create a relationship between the artwork and viewers of the works.

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Polly Little

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