Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions?  We’ve got answers.


Is there a minimum number of artists that you have to choose?

Most customers commission three to four artists totaling 3-4 pieces of artwork but you are welcome to choose the number of commissions that suits you.

Is there a maximum amount I can spend?

Right now we have a 12 artist/month limit. However, if you would like to continue with Collect Art after choosing 12 artists, simply sign up on the website for more commissions.


Is the price the same for every artist?


Yes! That is one of the special features of the Custom Gallery. The price point stays the same for every artist and for each commission!

Are the images listed on the artist pages the actual pieces we will receive?

The images listed are there to help the customers see the style and type of artwork each artist would produce at a $250 price point (the commission price). The artwork you receive may have similar imagery, but it will not be the exact piece listed on the website. Each piece is created uniquely for you so look over all the styles of artwork listed and pick the style and imagery that speaks to you. Complete the questionnaire thoughtfully and then let the artist create something original just for you! Again, the artwork you receive may contain similar imagery to the artwork on the website but it will not be the exact piece you see listed. Email us with more questions on this at artdesk@collectartnow.com

Can you choose to commission an artist more than once?

You can choose the same artist twice in a 12 month period.

Can you add on to your commission or change the number of artists after you order?

You can definitely add on, just go to our website and start another commission so that you are able to choose the artists whose work you would like to receive! Once you commission an artist, however, you are unable to retract that commission. Our artists will have already started working on your collection once you pay.

What if I don’t like the artwork that I receive?

We truly hope that won’t happen but, art is subjective. We have tried to eliminate any issues with this by including the questionnaire at checkout. Please consider the questions thoughtfully and sincerely so that each artist you commission fully understands your likes and dislikes. However, there is no guarantee and no return policy. The artists have created this work for you. Perhaps consider using the piece as a gift for someone or try hanging it in a different spot in your house to bring out something new in the piece.  

Is there a return policy?Can I state exactly what I want the artist to create for me?

You can be as specific as you would like when completing the questionnaire. Be sure to fill out the comment section on the survey. Part of the fun and excitement of Collect Art is having an artist create something unique and original just for you but you can help by letting the artist know your preferences. You have the ability to select artists based on their style and imagery and you have input in your questionnaire. Then let the artists do what they do best and create something amazing for you!

No, we don’t have a return policy as the piece was created for you and is unique and original. We hope you like each and every piece from the artists you subscribe to but art is subjective. Please look over the artist’s style and imagery to carefully select what interests you and complete the questionnaire thoughtfully and sincerely to minimize any chances of not liking the artwork.

What size is the artwork?

All unframed artwork is created on a 9” X 12” piece of paper. Each artist will utilize that space differently and uniquely based on their style and what their work typically sells for at shows and galleries.

What if I want more than one piece a month?

Not a problem!  You can pay over time for all your commissioned pieces or you can choose to pay for everything at once!  If you pay all at once, your pieces arrive within a month!  If you choose to pay over time, we will bill your credit card once a month for as many artists you have selected and you will receive one work of art each month!  If you choose 4 artists and pay over time, you will be charged and receive artwork once a month for 4 months! 

Can I request an artist I don’t see listed?

Each artist on our website has agreed to be a part of this so unfortunately if an artist isn’t listed, you can’t subscribe to them through us. If there is an artist you want artwork from who is not listed, please look them up on their individual website and talk with them about work available for sale or a possible commission. Email us with any questions regarding this at artdesk@collectartnow.com

Will we have access to the exhibition records and credentials of all the artists?

Absolutely! Click on the images on our Artist Page and it will take you to the individual artist! Each artist has provided us with their bio and their resume of past shows and credentials.

Can I communicate directly with the artists?

The artists will create a unique piece based off of their style and the questionnaire you completed. If you want a larger or more complex work than the style listed on Collect Art, please feel free to access the artist’s website listed at the bottom of each artist page and contact them directly for a commission. You will not be able to contact them regarding specific colors, imagery, or content other than what you list on the questionnaire. Part of the fun and excitement of Collect Art is letting the artist create something unique for you!


What is the cost to commission an artist?

Each commission is only $250 for a 9”X12” original artwork. You choose how many artists you want to commission based on the work, style and imagery that interests you. Then, complete a simple questionnaire to help guide the artist and the artist will create something unique just for you!

Is there tax?

Yes, unfortunately, like everything else purchased online, we have to charge your state tax.

Can you buy a Custom Gallery commission as a gift?

Absolutely! Email us with any special requests at artdesk@collectartnow.com

How do you pay for a commission?

All commissions are paid for with a credit card or online payment via Stripe.


What are my framing and matting options?

We offer three different framing options to fit your tastes: natural wood, white, and black. All frames are solid wood and approximately one and a half inches thick. All mattes are white to enhance the artwork.

What if I change my mind on the style of frame I want?

It depends on where you are in your order. If your subscription starts March 1st, we could change your framing choice during the first 2 weeks of March only. After that and the piece has already been matted and framed. You can certainly email us for framing changes for future months, (for example, April, May, etc could be changed during the month of March). Email us with any questions regarding order changes at artdesk@collectartnow.com

What if my frame arrives damaged?

We hope this doesn’t happen! However, we understand that sometimes damage does occur. Please take a picture of the damage and email us the image and description. We will address it immediately so that you are satisfied with the condition of your artwork.

Does the frame arrive ready to hang?

It does! If you choose the framing option, all artwork will come professionally done and ready to hang.

Can I choose to not have a matte?

Unfortunately no. All the frames are created with a matte size in mind. In addition, it is beneficial for the artwork to have some breathing room between itself and the glass. A matte provides that and protects the artwork for longevity.

What if I want a different frame or matte that what is offered?

We have three frame choices (natural wood, white, and black) and one style of matte (white). If you would like a different style or color than what we have listed, you can email us and we can try to accommodate your request. We would be happy to either steer you in the direction of someone who can frame your piece for you or frame it ourselves for an additional fee.

What size is of the framed and matted artwork?

If you choose to have us frame your artwork, the approximate finished size is 14” X 17”.


How much does it cost to ship?

Nothing! Yep, Collect Art will take care of the shipping of your Custom Gallery purchase in the continental U.S. for free! Shipping internationally or outside the continental U.S. will require a separate fee. Email us with questions on that at artdesk@collectartnow.com

What if my piece arrives damaged?

We will take every precaution to prevent shipping damage but if it does occur, take a picture of the damage and email us the image and description at artdesk@collectartnow.com. We will address that immediately and make sure you are satisfied with the condition of your purchase.

What if I am not home when my artwork arrives?

We are utilizing the UPS for our shipping so it will function the same way any other online purchase functions. UPS will either leave it at your door or leave a note for you to pick it up at the UPS office. Please email us with any shipping questions at artdesk@collectartnow.com

How long after I order will I get my artwork?

It depends on how you pay.  If you pay for all your commissioned works at once, you can expect to receive all your artwork within a month.  If you pay overtime, you will receive one work of art per month for as many artists as you selected:  4 artists in your cart and paying over time?  ONce a month for 4 months we will charge you and you will receive one of your selected artist’s commission!

Is the artwork insured during shipping?

Absolutely! All artwork is packaged thoughtfully and carefully and ships out insured.



How do I purchase a piece of artwork I see on the Featured Gallery page?

If you like one of the pieces that you see on the Featured Gallery page and would like to purchase it, simply click below the image to add it to your cart! Then pay when you check out. We use Stripe which accepts all major credit cards.

Are the images on the Featured Gallery page the exact ones I would receive?

Yes! The artwork that you see is exactly the artwork you will receive if you purchase it!

Can I purchase more than one piece from the Featured Gallery page?

Absolutely! You may purchase as many pieces of art from the Featured Gallery page as you would like! Simply add them to your cart and check out.

Can I purchase a Featured Gallery piece as a gift?

How thoughtful! Of course you can purchase something as a gift. If you would like it shipped to a different address, simply tell us that when you check out. You can always email us at artdesk@collectartnow and let us know that you are sending something as a gift.

What if I don’t like the piece I receive?

The Featured Gallery page shows the exact pieces that you will receive so there is no return policy. If you don’t like the piece of art once you receive it, maybe you can give it as a gift or try hanging it in a different location in your home to bring out something different in the piece.

Does the piece come matted and framed?

The way the artwork is shown on the Featured Gallery page is the exact way it will be shipped to you. All featured artists have different styles of artwork, some are framed, some are on canvas, etc. As it is shown and described on the page, is how it will be shipped out to you.

Is there tax on the Featured Gallery artwork?

Yes, unfortunately there is tax. Tax, based on where you live, will be assigned at checkout.

How much does it cost to ship a piece from the Featured Gallery page?

Shipping will be assigned after we receive your order and will be based on where you live and the size of the artwork you have purchased. Since all Gallery page artwork is of different sizes, it is difficult to state what shipping will be.

How long after I purchase my artwork will I receive it?

You will receive your artwork approximately a week after the online show ends.

Is the artwork insured during shipping?

Yes! All artwork is insured and packaged professionally.

What if my piece arrives damaged?

We will take every precaution to prevent shipping damage but if it does occur, take a picture of the damage and email us the image and description at artdesk@collectartnow.com. We will address that immediately and make sure you are satisfied with the condition of your purchase.

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